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Male Quran Teachers

We offer courses of Basic Qaida Course, Advanced Koran Course, Memorization and Tafseer. We also offer other secondary courses like salat and supplications along with prayers. These courses will help you to complete Quran Education in a very short time period. Our Professional Male Quran Teacher Online are ready 24/hours for Help the Students.

Male Quran Experts in the USA, UK – Australia

We have designed each of our courses in the best way for effective Koran study. Our Institute also has the best faculty who offer the best Quran with Tajweed and Islamic education. We offer experienced teachers to each student. Each tutor teaches one student with a very effective tutoring method.

Male Quran Teacher Online Male Quran Teacher Online

Our Male Quran Qaris

Our male Quran teachers are highly qualified and certified in Koran education. They have good skills and have experience in educating online. You can choose them for any Koran or Islamic course on the basis of their experience and teaching method. We are proud to have capable staff with the best teaching method. We are available here to help you from all across the world in reading the Holy Book. For making our staff capable, we give them specialized training.

Choice of tutors

The courses that we offer are easy to learn and affordable for everyone. There are different course packages in which classes are given once a week, twice or thrice a week or only on weekends. You can choose the package as per your choice. Our male and female teacher of Quran is available for every student 24 hours a day. You can choose the timing of your own choice. We will provide you the tutor according to your own preferred time.

We invite all the Muslims to come and join our institute of Islamic education. If you need to find the best learning environment, we are the right choice. We are committed to providing the best to our learning by providing them excellent learning facilities that they will not find anywhere else. We offer a very affordable fee schedule and flexible teaching schedule.

Learning Online From a Male Tutor

If you want to learn the Book of Allah with a Male Quran Teacher, first choose PQA. You can contact us for the Qaida/Quran course which you want to take. You will require a few simple/easy steps for contacting us. As soon as you get contact you will start taking your free trial classes. Online learning allows the students to adjust the time for your classes.

Islamic scholars are also Quran Instructors. There are some advanced level courses that should be learned only from scholars. No doubt, there is some respect behind the name of a Quran tutor. Every Muslim regard the teacher from whom he learns the Book of Allah. Many people make the mistake that they learn the Holt book of Allah from the uneducated qari. Learning the Book of Allah is a serious matter and only the qualified teacher should be chosen. They should be educated enough to spread true religious knowledge.

The Qualities of Our Tutors

Our instructors are always available to help you in all possible ways. So, Join us today and start learning Quran Online with our qualified male tutors. They have the following qualities

  • Our instructors are capable of teaching all courses to Muslim boys and men.
  • They have command of internet usage and are expert at teaching online.
  • The tutors have a degree in Islamic education and Hifz.
  • They have excellent Tajweed skills and command on the English language.
  • Our instructors are able to deliver lessons on one to one basis.
  • The teachers deliver lectures in English and Urdu languages.
  • They are familiar with computer basics
  • Each of our teachers is flexible and willing to work according to the schedule of the learners.
  • They have excellent interpretational skills to motivate you.
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