It is proper pronunciation of Quran. These are the basic principles of reciting the Quran. Pak Quran Academy offers basic Tajweed lessons for the beginners. When you want to learn Quran, it is very important to Learn Quran with Tajweed. Here we offer the best resources for our students to learn Quran with proper rules. Our Quran lessons are for both adults and children. Being a Muslim it is essential to learn it for proper recitation. It helps the reciter to recite it in the proper manner.


Learn Quran with Tajweed

Tajweed Qaida Course

In this course, the Quran learning starts with the basic Qaida. only those students take this course who have no prior knowledge of reading Arabic.

Read below the brief outline of the course that we offer in this course:

  • The pronunciation of Arabic Alphabets
  • Consonants
  • Harakat
  • Huroof Maddah
  • Tanween
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Huroof Leenah
  • Rules of Laam
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf
  • Rules of Raa

Why Learn Quran With Tajweed?

You should learn Quran with Tajweed to know the right pronunciation of Quranic letters. It helps in reading the Quran in the manner it should be read. This is a very important course because it is a basic of Quran reading. It should, therefore, be learned through a qualified Quran tutor. We have a team of qualified Quran tutors who can teach Quran courses to Muslims all over the world.

How Does It Help?

It helps in pronouncing the letter Quran properly. We teach the students under the supervision of the experienced Quran teacher. Our teachers have the right knowledge of Tajweed and they also teach the students the right rules.

Learning Quran is compulsory for all Muslims and it is also important to learn Quran with Tajweed. We have the professional teachers who teach the basics to the students. We are proud that our students learn the right articulation of the Arabic letters after the course completion. It is the knowledge of the rules of recitation of Quran and then applying these rules while reading of the Qur’an. Every Muslim wants to read the Quran in the same way Our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) recited. The teachers know the basics of rules and give information on  Ikhfa, , Ikhfa Meem Saakin, Ghunna, Qalqala, Idgham, Qalb, and Idgham Meem Saakin. The students learn these components of it in detail.

The efficiency of this course depends on the knowledge of the teacher. Our teachers know the Articulation of letters so our students also learn it in detail. They teach each rule of recitation in detail.

Register with Pak Quran Academy to learn Quran through Tajweed course. We offer this course in different packages. Check each package to choose the right one for you and let’s start today.


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