Quran learning is offered these days online as well. We are one of the leading websites to offer online Quran leaning. Here at our set up we have the best kind of Quran learning facilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Male Quran Teacher

What are the courses offered?

We offer courses of basic Quran learning, continuous Quran recitation, Quran memorization, Tajweed and tafseer as well. We also offer other auxiliary courses such as salat and small surah along with prayers. We have the finest faculty which makes sure that our students get the finest education out of our courses. Our faculty comprises of both male and female teachers. Sometimes kids feel more comfortable in learning from a male teacher or at times with female teacher thus having this kind of facility brings about the best in them.

Our faculty

Our teachers and other faculty members are the highest qualified and certified teachers of Quran teaching. They have enough experience of teaching that make them a great choice for any kind of learning. We are hoping that with the help of capable staff and great teaching style we will be able to help many students from all the sides of world. Along with that there are so many facilities such as basic Qaida and basic prayer learning that is given complementary with our offered courses.

Choice of Teacher

Our offered courses are easy to choose, and affordable for any one. You can choose once a week, twice a week, thrice a week or weekends courses as per your choice. Along with that you can also choose a male or a female teacher as per your choice in order to learn the best out of it.

Thus come and join our academy of online Quran learning if you need to find the best kind of working and learning environment. We here are committed to bring the best for our students by providing them excellent facilities of learning that are not given anywhere else. We have a very affordable fee schedule along with a very great teaching schedule as well.

Male Quran Teacher
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