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Online Shia Quran Teacher

Quran learning is not only our religious obligation, but it is also very important to lead a successful life. Quran is a complete code of conduct so we should seek guidance about every aspect of our life from the Quran. Get lessons of the Quran with Pak Quran Academy. We are working as a Shia Quran academy for all the Momineen across the world. The Center came into being in 2005 and now working as a well-reputed Online Shia Quran Teacher. Being the best platform to learn Shia Quran, Our Quran Academy assists Shia Muslims in having effective Quran learning. Molana Syed Manzar Abbas Naqvi is the founder of Pak Quran Academy. We offer the classes to the students at the comfort of their homes.  We teach the Momineen of all age groups. Hundreds of students have completed Quran courses from our Shia Quran Online Center.

Our Objective

Being a Shia Quran teacher online we understand our duty of spreading the Holy Quran education to the Momineen. Our objective is to spread the message of Allah the Al-Mighty to the world. We can spread the message of Allah through Islamic teachings. For this reason, we teach the Holy Quran to Momineen. We understand the rules of Tajweed and provide efficient Quran learning courses. The most important objective of our holy Quran academy is to educate Shia youth and to make a bright future for Shia next generation. Our teachings are based on the valuable teachings of our 14 infallible (A.S.)

Shia Online Quran Classes:

We offer the following courses

  • Basic Quran course
  • Quran With Tajweed course
  • Translation of Quran Course
  • Quran Memorization
  • Tafseer of the Quran
  • Saheefa Sajjadia
  • Nehjul Balagha

Our courses are beneficial for adults as well as children. To start your classes with our Shia Quran teacher, you need is a PC, an internet connection and headphones.

Why Us

We are an Online International Quran Center and known for our exclusive Quran teaching. We are based on a remote learning system and are operating to promote Quran education among Shia Muslims.

Choose us for the following reasons

  • Best Shia Quran teacher online with 13 Years of teaching experience
  • Skype classes online
  • Get 3 Days Free Trial Class
  • Qualified Shia Quran male and female tutors
  • Affordable monthly charges

We provide the opportunity to our students to learn Quran Online at their desired time and days. Every student can start his lesson with a live Shia Quran tutor.

We offer an opportunity for our students to learn on their pace. They can learn at their homes with an easy schedule. Anyone who is a Shia Muslim can join us no matter where he is living. Our remote learning system can help them learn Quran from anywhere and at any time.

Try Us

We are sure that you will be satisfied with our teaching. Our every Shia Quran teacher is very talented and knowledgeable. They will teach you in the simplest and most effective way. Both male and female students can join us. We provide our classes online in both English and Urdu.

Try our Shia Quran Online services not only for your own self but also for your children. The Shia Muslims from all across the world can register with us.

Pak Quran Academy has made it possible for the Momineen to learn Quran and Religion at their home. Quran learning has become very easy now. Our highly qualified tutors are available all the time to teach the Quran to the students.

Online Quran Academy is working to facilitate Momineen in learning Quran and teach Islam online. These days the internet is available everywhere in the world. It is in the access of every person. So, our goal is to spread the sacred Quran and Islamic Knowledge using the internet and the latest technologies. With the help of the internet, we are successful in breaking all the barriers of distance. The Momineen from different parts of the world can join us to learn the Quran and Islam.

Our Features

As we know that sectarianism prevails in our society So, Shia Muslims are worried about their beliefs. Different websites teach Quran online to Shia Muslims but not all of them are reliable to choose. We are a very reliable platform for Shia Muslims to learn the Quran. We have the following features.

Male And Female Classes

Our Quran Online Academy provides separate male and female classes for teaching the Quran to students. We have qualified male and female Quran tutors to offer quality education to our students.

Three Days Free Class

Before taking regular classes, we offer three days of free classes for our students. These classes can help the students get an idea of our teaching. The students can judge their learning experience with us.

One To One Classes

Every student gets an individual lesson. Our teaching method is based on one to one classes system.

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