Pak Quran Academy is an Online International Quran Academy, which aims to provide Online Quran Teaching  Facility to Mumineen by Shia Quran Teacher. It was established in 1-Jan-2005 and still running with the favour of Allah and (14) Masoomeen (a.s) to provide Shia Quran online learning.

We are engaged in exploring the new avenues for Promoting remote tutoring, specially Quran, Fiqah and teachings of our 14 Masoomeen (a.s).

Pak Quran Academy also has made it possible to teach you Shia Quran Online at your home. Online Learning is an easy way to learn Quran and religion. Highly Qualified Male and Female teachers are available anytime to teach you Quran.

Apart From Quran we also share some moral stories on each Friday. These stories are for developing the character of our students. We also provide the monthly report of our students to their parents on their requirement. We also revise Quran, and Basic Teachings and Quran at the end of a month. We teach Quran word by word with tajweed. In our academy there is no age restriction. Any one of you can easily be the part of our academy. For your facility, we also provide Sunday classes, in which family members can get admission easily.

Pak Quran Academy has been designed to provide the community an opportunity to study on their pace at their home with easily accessible authentic religious curriculum. Through Pak Quran Academy, now ANYONE from ANY WHERE at ANYTIME can enroll to any of the Islamic courses just in a fraction of a second.

We are proud to offer services at lowest possible charges. These charges hardly meet our expanses. Our female teachers are as competitive, polite and friendly as our male teachers. Female teachers are recommended only for daughters.

Pak Quran Academy teaches Quran very attentively. All the possible positive factors of conventional Quran teaching have been adopted along with the new technology to make it interesting, easy and effective for the kinds to learn Quran Online.

We are hopeful that you will be satisfied from us when you will join our Academy.

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