Quran Translation and Tafseer Course

Quran Translation and Tafseer Course

The students who are interested to take extended courses like Quran translation and Tafseer courses are welcome.  Our translation course enables the students to understand the meaning of Quran. We teach word to word translation of Quran and in Tafseer course helps the students to understand it well. Our Tafseer course contents include an explanation of Quranic Suras in easy, understandable language.

Quran Translation Course

Translation courses help the students to learn the meaning of Quran. They can read the Quran with understanding. So joining a translation classes is every beneficial for anyone who wants to understand Quran thoroughly. The course includes the teaching of Arabic language at first. Our translation of Quran course is taught in both English and Urdu.

Our Translation Course Methodology

We teach the translation course in the following steps

  1. First of all the students are taught the basic Arabic language
  2. Then the translation of the Quranic verses are taught to the students
  3. After the basic course, the advance course is taught in which contextual meaning of Quran and Quranic verses is taught to the students
  4. In the final stage of the course, the students become expert and will be able to translate the Quran by themselves.

Quran Tafseer Course

The Tafseer course is a Specialized course that that helps the student to understand the Quran. This course is taught by the experienced tutors because the course is of advanced level. It is one step forward to the translation course. The students are given the detailed information and contextual understanding of all the verses. The verses are explained deeply so that the concept becomes clear. This is not a scholar course but an advance course that is taken after the translation course. It is an important course that is based on an understanding of the Allah’s guidance.

The courses are designed for both male and female students.  It is the interpretation of Quran by clarifying its meaning so that one can understand Quran in a better way.

The aim of our designed courses is to provide the best knowledge to our students. Professionally trained teachers are selected to teach these courses. With the help of Tafseer course the students can understand the words of Allah Almighty in true sense. We make every effort to sharpen the intellectual ability of the students to increase the knowledge of Quran as well as drive out the laws of Islam.

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Quran Translation and Tafseer Course
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