After the fruitful fulfillment of Online Quran Courses like Tajweed, Recitation and Quranic Arabic Course you will have the capacity to Recite, Understand and Translate the Holy Quran with no trouble and problem.

Online Quran Memorization Courses

Thus the next step that counts here is Quran learning by heart. In this case one can want to become a Hafiz in order to learn Quran to the fullest. There is loads of reward for a Muslim who learns Quran by heart. Thus it really is a goal for every other Muslim as you can earn a great amount of prosperity through this.

What are the basic steps?

Presently you can join our online learning Academy to Online Quran Memorization Courses. So the already specified courses will be decidedly help you to learn the Holy Quran by heart and the term will be available to you.

This course is for students whether they are kids and adults, who are keen on getting to be Hafiz of Quran. This course will control the study through all the important stride that are required once a day to remember and hold the Quran. The course will be educated by qualified Huffaz.

We have a number of teachers who are fully qualified for teaching Hafiz Qurans. The understudies will be given a set timetable that will help the understudies in remembering new verses and in the meantime update what they have as of now retained. The aggregate term of Hifz differs relying upon various components including the time and exertion that every individual puts.

How does it work?

We start the course by introducing the basic verses and surahs from Quran and after that the proper training and learning begins for students.


Step 1: Selected Supplications from Hadith e Nabvi (S.A.W.W)

Step 2: Selected Supplications from Quran (Selected Quranic Supplications)

Step 3: Selected Quranic verses from Selected Surahs

After the completion, the student is then led to learn Quran by heart. The memorization schedule depends upon the type of course that is being chosen for the student.

Online Quran Memorization Courses
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