Quran memorization is the greatest worship and blessing of Allah. Pak Quran Academy is the leading institute in offering the best Quran memorization course online. We offer this course to all Muslims of the world.

After the successful completion of the basic Online Quran Courses, you will be to start the advanced courses of the Holy Quran.


Online Quran Memorization Courses

One of the advanced courses of the Holy Quran is memorization Course. In this course, the student memorizes the entire Quran. Allah promises a lot of reward for a Muslim who memorizes the Quran. The Muslim after memorizing the Quran gets the title of Hafiz. It is a wish of many Muslims to memorize the Quran. Quran is our Holy book and it is a source of guidance for us too. Many of us, therefore, memorize the Quran to get the benefit not only in this world but also in the world hereafter.

How To Start Quran Memorization?

For learning and memorizing the Quran, we go to Quran centers or madaaras. Sometimes people are not interested to join any regular Quran center for Quran memorization. Pak Quran academy, therefore, offers the facility of online learning to such people. We are a leading international online Quran academy that offers the best Quran memorization classes for the Muslims all over the world.

You can join our online Quran Academy for Online Quran Memorization Courses. Follow our registration process to start this course with us. The process is very simple to start.

Who Can Take This Course

All the Muslims including kids or adults can take this course. The only condition is that they must be interested in becoming Hafiz of Quran. There is no age limit to memorize the Quran. Both kids and adults can register with us to take this course. However, the best age to memorize Quran is a young age. The children can more efficiently memorize the Quran as compared to the adults. We, therefore, receive more registrations for the children students than adults.

Kids are usually good at learning and they can easily memorize the Quran. So we encourage the children to enroll with us in this course. We follow traditional methods of memorization and the students learn very easily with us.

Female students can also start this course with us. We give equal opportunity to our female students to take Quran memorization classes with us.

The students who are able to read the Quran are good candidates for this course but if the student is unable to read Quran can also take this course.  However, if you can read and understand Quran, it is good for you.

Our Teachers

The teachers who take memorization of Quran courses are also the Hafiz e Quran. All the teachers are highly qualified. They are capable of teaching students of all ages. We have male and female tutors. They teach the students professionally. The male students take their classes with the male teacher and female students take classes with female teachers.

Children are usually more interested in female tutors. Female tutors are more capable of teaching children. So we can arrange female tutors for children who want to memorize Quran.

Our Teaching Method

Our tutors teach the students in a step by step manner.  We made it quite easy for our students to memorize the Quran. Our Academy is established as an international Quran memorization center. Our tutors have special techniques for fast memorization. It is hence an honor for us that our students complete the memorization course in a very short time.  We make the students practice several times in order to avoid forgetting the verses.  Our teachers repeat the previous lessons several times before starting the new one.

We start with the basic ayats and surahs but the teachers proceed with the pace of the students.

We teach this course in three stages. First of all the students learn the important verses and smaller Surahs. The teachers then decide if they are able to move onto the next stages. In the other two stages the students then long Surah. The teachers deliver all the lessons over Skype. Our teaching is based on the initial memorization technique and deep memorization.  Students are able to memorize on daily basis. Because the teachers are much trained in teaching, the students can memorize the whole Holy Quran in a short time. We introduce a very simple way of Quran memorization.

The estimated time of the course completion depends on the student’s ability and his/ her learning capability.

The Benefits of Quran Memorization

The students get a great reward when he memorizes the Quran. Our academy offers the best course with a live tutor. They give all the lectures on the Skype. The teachers teach on one to one basis. It means each student gets one teacher for the class.  The students can memorize the Quran in their homes. They can also choose their desired timing and schedule.

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