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Important Facts And Details About Quran Learning Online in Western Countries

Online Quran Learning

Online Quran Learning

When any Muslim reads the Quran, he reads God’s words guiding and encouraging him. In the Holy Book, one can get versus soothing and reproaching people and those who will perform the right deeds are promised the righteous mercy and never-ending joys and satisfaction. When one reads the Quran, he finds out that Allah threatens the evil with wrath and everlasting torment. We believe that the Qur’an is the Holy Book that contains the word of God. The Book has teachings of Allah to shape human life. This Holy Book was revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the Angel Gabriel. It was revealed in 610 CE in a cave of Hira.

Allah communicated to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this communication continued in the form of revelation. The Book was revealed in small portions in the form of short or long verses.

The Qur’an is very important in the life of every Muslim. It is the source of divine guidance for humankind. It still serves as the best and reliable solution to the problems of people of all ages. It is for all human races instead of being for the people of Arab society. People of the exiting time can get guidance and solution to all problems. The teachings of the Holy Book tell us tells us about the meaning of human life and the purpose of our creation.

The Recitation of the Quran

We are Muslims and our belief is that we can get a divine blessing is a source of divine blessing. There are many benefits for reciting the Koran. One gets tranquility and peace of mind. Right after birth, Muslims needs to be guided throughout his life. This is possible with the help of the Koran which is the sacred text. Its daily recitation is very important. Not only a few verses or surahs, but we should recite the entire Qur’an. The recitation of this Holy Book gives us satisfaction and joy. We all have Qurans at our homes. So it is necessary to recite it and read it with meanings in order to understand it properly.

Contact with the Quran gives great blessings. The believers ponder the Qur’an and study it. Muslims should know the meanings of the verses and must try for the applications of those verses in order to seek guidance. All this is important in the daily conduct of a person. This Holy Book is not only important for an individual Muslim but it is very important for the basis of a Muslim society. Parents should also understand their responsibilities toward their kids regarding the education of the Koran. The Koran is an inspiration for Muslims. It is the only way Muslims can distinguish themselves from Non-Muslims. There are stories, rulings, and prohibitions in the Book for Muslims. This is the miracle for Muslims that creates unity among them. All the Muslims regardless of differences of customs, cultures, language, and race must make a connection with this Holy Book.

Learning the Quran is very important but it is a bit difficult for Non-Arabic speaking Muslims. This is because they are not familiar with the Arabic language. So it is difficult for them to read the verses. They, therefore, need to learn it. It is also the aim of every Muslim to learn the Book of Allah and teach it to their children. The best Muslim is the one who learns this Book and then teaches it to other Muslims.

Teaching the Koran is also a work of great responsibility. It is also a very rewarding deed. There are a lot of resources for learning the Quran. This is the world of technology and our lives are also connected with technology. Education has also linked with technology so our Quran learning can also be done with the help of technology.

Many of us are hesitant about using technology for taking Quran education. They think learning in this way is not fruitful and they cannot succeed too. Such people need motivation for using Quran learning online facilities.

What Actually Is Online Learning Of The Koran?

In older times people only had an option to go to mosques and Madrassahs for taking Online Quran classes. These were the only ways to learn and memorize the Holy Book. The private tutor also used to come home to learn how to read the Quran but now there is an advancement in technology and modern methods have been introduced that allow learners to learn, recite, and memorize the Koran. All this can be done through Quran teaching websites. These websites have a team of expert tutors that that arrange classes for Muslims who want to learn the Holy Book of Allah but don’t have means to reach a mosque or madrassah.

These classes are extremely useful for those who want to take one-to-one lessons. The teachers give full attention on a single student. All the students whether adults or kids can learn in a comfortable manner. These websites are operated by the institutes that are functional 24-hours a day thus helping worldwide Muslims in scheduling classes according to their preferred time. Everyone wants to learn in the comfort of their houses. So these classes are the best way to take lessons by staying at home. Highly qualified teachers are also available online all the time to take classes. They are expert in knowledge of Tajweed. Female teachers are also available for women and girls. A variety of courses are available online for students. The choice of a course depends on what you want to learn and what the level of your knowledge is.

Take Learning Serious

The most important thing for being successful in learning is to take it seriously. Students must not start online Koran learning for enjoying because of online classes. The learners will only benefit is if their intention is sincerely for fulfilling your religious responsibility and come out of the darkness of ignorance. If this is not your objective, you will not learn in a proper way. Learning with non-serious attitude is only time and money wasting behavior.

Finding A Good Teacher Actually Matters!

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first teacher of the Koran. He (PBUH) taught the Book of Allah to his companions. He (PBUH) used to convey the Quran to people. This became a tradition and we still need a teacher for learning this Holy Book. This practice of teaching the Koran dates back to the time when written copies of the Quran were sent to different places of the world along with a person who would teach it to the people.

No one can understand or read Arabic of the Koran without learning from anyone. But the hardest part of learning this Holy Book is finding a suitable teacher.

If the learner is the beginner, the teacher should be suitable for teaching the elementary course and must have knowledge of Tajweed. The qualification of a teacher really matters for the success of students.

There are many Qaris in masjids to teach you the Quran. But some people may not find masjids nearby so they may also not find tutors. There are also many online teachers for offering Quran classes but still, it is difficult to find a suitable one. Many people say that they have been searching for the right teachers for years but unable to find them. Studying the Quran on your own is not recommended because you may make many mistakes and then no one will be able to rectify you. Only qualified and expert tutors can open the doors of knowledge for you. You should hire a reliable teacher to meet your expectations and fulfill your obligations.

Children To Take Classes

This method of learning is ideal for kids too. But when choosing classes for kids, parents should make sure their kid is mature enough to take the classes and learn the lessons. All children are not the same in learning capabilities. Some are fast and some are slow learners. Some children grasp new things very quickly with little guidance while others need a lot of time to learn something. So the parents should be responsible and must observe the learning capabilities of their child and decide if he is ready to learn the Quran. Only the parents can understand what the right age of their children is to take these online classes.

Parents should also see the interest of children. If parents are choosing a memorization course, they should also check the interest of their children in hifz. It is quite common that some children only do hifz for the sake of their parents because they force children to memorize.   Such students memorize the Koran without having any emotional attachment to the Book of Allah. Children before taking the classes must understand the importance of the course. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents to develop the love and interest in learning the Holy Book.

Besides parents teachers are also responsible for developing an interest in the hearts of children and give them motivation for learning the lessons.

Tips to Help You Learn Online

There are some students who learn very well in an online environment and they are also fluent in reading. But there are a lot of students who struggle hard to learn how to recite properly and bring accuracy and fluency in their reading. To help such students, here a few tips that they can follow to learn quickly.

  1. Will Power and Determination

If the student is determined and has the strong will power, the quality of his learning will be high. So determination is very important and one should have strong intentions of learning. If you have the strong will power to learn the Book of Allah with perfection, in a short time your pace of learning will improve and you will become better in the knowledge of the Holy Book with each passing day.

  1. Study Regularly

Regular study is very important so if you are choosing online classes, make sure you choose a plan that consists of classes on a daily basis. Or if it is not possible then choose the maximum number of days in a week. Making it a habit to study regularly is very important for slow learners because a regular study can help them learn more effectively. The students must make a proper routine in which they must not miss any class. For this purpose, they should have a proper schedule and time table.

  1. 3. Have a Hope

It is really difficult for non-Arabs to learn Arabic because it is a difficult language. No one can learn to read and understand it without any help and guidance. One should feel positive even if he is a beginner. If you will have some hope, you will have a good learning experience. It is important for all students whether adults or kids.

  1. Have Some Patience

Patience is very important for students. No one can master anything overnight. It takes some time. If you don’t have patience, you can’t be a good learner. Arabic pronunciation is very tricky and you need to learn it from a qualified tutor who has knowledge of Tajweed. Tajweed helps in reading correctly therefore, you should learn it. But be patient and take some time in learning.

Important Things to Consider Before Starting Online Learning

We are fortunate to have the Quran because this Holy Book is for guiding the entire mankind.  But only those who try to understand to understand this Book get guidance. Our scholars and Islamic teachers are working hard to spread the message of the Quran to Muslims. Everyone who is Muslim must understand this message. If students are choosing to learn the teachings of the Holy Book through online classes, they should consider a few important things. Every student should keep the following things in mind before starting online classes.

  1. Who Can Learn?

Online learning is for those who have a computer or a tablet or an Android device with a good speed internet connection. After that students can register for online classes. There is no age restriction and students of all age groups have the facility to learn the courses. Students who are the beginners whether they are kids or adults can take classes. Both men and women can learn through virtual classes.

  1. How To Start Learning Online?

If you want to start learning online, you should first choose an online platform. Then you must also know how to register to that place for taking the classes. The knowledge of using technology is mandatory. There are different requirements for registration. Some websites or Quran institutes require a few simple steps of registration. And some do not require any type of registration. Some institutes require a fee and some offer free of cost registration. When students get to register, they can decide the time they want to study. The teachers are available 24/7 so there is no problem for students to choose a time for taking the class. Some platforms require video calls during the class but not all institutes have this requirement. Ask about the requirements of the platform before you start.

  1. Classes for Busy People

If you are too busy with your job, studies, or family life and you don’t find time in taking classes? Then there is the only option of online classes for you. Whether you are taking your school classes, doing a full-time job, or have a lot of family commitments, you can still learn whatever you want. You have a lot of options for you in the form of online Quran courses. All courses are equally beneficial and helpful for you. You can learn in an efficient way with a senior and knowledgeable teacher. Time is not an issue in this case because classes are available round the clock. You can study even at night. Technology is benefitting busy professionals greatly. The best use of the latest technology is to use it for the sake of Allah. Don’t worry if you have a very busy routine. Choose a reliable online teacher/ institute and start learning your lessons. The only thing you have to decide is the time. Make sure the classes fit your schedule. Your busy life now cannot stop fulfilling your religious duties. Learn the Book of Allah between your job, formal studies, hobbies, family, and other activities. Anyone can achieve his religious education goals with the help of online Islamic education. This is the right solution when you can complete your course at your leisure. Busy people cannot find any other way when they can tailor their classes to their own schedule. A lot of students can maintain their jobs while taking Quran courses online.

  1. Learning Online Is Convenient but Not Easy

Many of us think that learning online is easy. They think that lessons are also easy to learn. The truth is that it is quite convenient to take online lessons but not easy. The online courses are the same as offline courses. The course content and the material of learning are the same. The only thing that is easy is the schedule. Students feel comfortable and easy because they stay at their own home and learn at their convenient hours.

  1. Choose a Reputable Place for Learning

There are a lot of online Islamic institutions offering a variety of courses. They offer different teaching facilities too. Make sure you choose a reputable institution for taking classes. A reputable institution has qualified tutors and a reliable curriculum. It is trusted and reliable. Teachers are certified and graduated from reputable Islamic institutions too. A good institution has good Staff too.

Muslim students join online Quran institutions to learn the Book of Allah and add it to their knowledge. Acquiring knowledge is not enough but, implementing it in lives is also important. A reputable institution does not only have good tutors but it also a good place that fulfills the requirements of students. Students can study comfortably. These days, there are a lot of online institutions providing the same courses. But the quality of education and the fee might vary. However, students give importance to those places that are suitable for them. There are many prestigious institutions that offer Islamic education to Muslims across the world.

Make sure the tutors have experience of a few years of teaching the Koran online. It is also true that some tutors are really good at delivering lectures even though they don’t have the experience of some years. A reputable institution is also the one where quality is kept well and it offers the services that are up to the expected standards.

Learn With the Right Institution

It becomes quite easy to learn any course if you choose the best Islamic institutions. There are a lot of institutions that offer different courses and you can expect the best quality classes from well-qualified tutors. The best tutors will guide you in the right direction and you will get attached to Allah and Islam. The classes are like traditional classes in which you learn lessons and give tests at the end of each lesson. In this way, you will prepare well and master the course you are taking. The course content of a good and reputable institution is also reliable and trustworthy. Students don’t have to worry about anything if they join a reputable institution. The students can also expect a comfortable environment and good facilities that enable the students to learn the courses in an easy manner. One more important thing about the right institution is that it has tutors who can handle the students easily especially if the students are kids. Kids are always hard to handle. If you are choosing an Islamic Online Quran Center, you can go through its website to get more ideas about it. Students give their reviews and testimonials that will help you get knowledge about the institution. All these tips and information will help you choose the appropriate place to study that can fulfill your religious goals.

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