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Online Quran Classes for Kids

How Online Quran Classes For Kids Are Important

We must understand the value of Islamic and Quran education in the life of our children. The Quran means a lot in our children’ life as it gives the knowledge to spend life in a better and successful way. The teachings of the Book of Allah are important not only for adults but also for children. The most important learning for children is recitation. They must know how to read the Quran accurately and properly.

Islamic education completely changes the mind and personality of children. So it is necessary to teach them the basics at their childhood. This will help them get positive attitudes. We must give importance to the Quran education of our children besides other targets in life as it is the only source of the real success of our life.

This learning is important as our children are the future of a Muslim nation. They, therefore, must be groomed. They should study all the important courses designed for kids to gain knowledge to apply it in their daily lives.

The Quran is not only the book knowledge but it is a complete code of conduct. The Quran also provides us with the knowledge to know about the facts of life but this is an advanced level of education. The learning of children depends on their age. In Muslim countries, children get their primary Quran education in school but in non-Muslim countries, this facility is not available to Muslim children. So in order to learn about their religion, the book of Allah and good and bad things, reading the Quran is very important.

Children should start with Qaida course. It is the primary level course for beginners. It prepares the students for learning how to read the words of the Quran. It is the first and the most important step for learning the Quran.

It is the modern technological world and we have different ways to learn the Quran. Children can take this education not only by going madrassa and mosques but through online learning too.

There are apps that are specially designed for kids to learn the Quran but the need for a human teacher will always remain. There should be a teacher who will teach wisely.

The kids who cannot go to madrassas for learning the Quran can learn through distance learning and master any course easily. Learning is also not so costly. Online Quran classes for kids are affordable and anyone one with less money can also take. Students can get admission in the reputable and popular online Quran centers of the world.

Quran learning is important for kids just like it is important for both men and women. If children will start learning from their childhood, they will become practicing and educated Muslims when they will grow up.

Quran classes for kids are very helpful and they can be used as an essential tool for getting a bright future and the life hereafter. Muslim children if learn their religion will then become the base of the strong Muslim nation. They will also earn respect and noble recognition. The teachings of the Quran are the crucial part of life for Muslim so Muslims should consider giving these teachings to their children. The best age of learning the Holy Book is also the childhood.

Parents play a great role in turning the minds of their children towards learning the Quran. They should start trying it from their childhood. Just like they try their best for their children, they should also give them the best Quran education. It is important to choose popular Quran institutions because the learning of children depends on the institution.

Parents who don’t arrange the Quran education for their children are in fact destroying their tomorrow. A great number of Muslim children across the globe don’t get the opportunity to go to mosques or Islamic centers.

Non-Islamic countries have insufficient facilities for Muslims to help them connect with the Book of Allah. This is the reason they remain deprived of the basic education that is important for their future. As a result, Muslims are having damaged beliefs. Only watching tutoring videos is very difficult for children to learn the basics of Quran reading. Many parents also want Quran Hifz for their children but unfortunately, they don’t have the facility of this.

There are a lot of other courses of the Quran but they are not suitable for children because they are on a level of understanding that kids cannot yet comprehend. The advanced courses make it hard for them to learn.

Online Quran institutions teach children in a fun way that is perfect according to their ages and levels of understanding. Different institutions have different ways of teaching. Some teach in the form of videos and games thus making it interesting for all the children.

Most Popular Method

The most common and popular method used for teaching kids is Skype classes. These classes are highly beneficial so they are adopted by a large number of Muslim parents for their children. The classes are popular for the following reasons

  • Easy way to learn
  • English and Urdu speaking teachers
  • Learning at home
  • Male and female teachers
  • 24 hours availability of teachers

Easy Way to Learn

It is an easy way to learn for children because there are expert teachers for kids. They know the learning level of children so they can teach in a much better way.  The courses are specially designed for kids by keeping their capabilities into consideration. The best thing is that kids learn at their pace. The teachers don’t put pressure on them. So the children feel easy to learn their lessons. It is the best method of learning for children no matter if they are fast learners or slow ones. It is suitable for kids of all ages too.

English and Urdu Speaking Children

As online classes are for Muslims all over the world, so children in any country of the world can take classes easily. There are teachers who teach in English thus facilitating English speaking Muslim children learn easily. Those who want to learn from Pakistani teachers can take lessons in Urdu. This facility is to help all Muslims in the world.

Learning At Home

This is something that appeals to almost every parent. Many of the parents don’t feel satisfaction in sending their kids somewhere to learn the Quran especially if the kids are too young. Online classes help such parents as they can arrange classes for their children at home. This not only saves their time and money but also keeps their children safe. Parents can also watch their children learning and check their progress.

Male and Female Teachers

Parents have the choice to choose a male or a female teacher for their children. Children often want to take classes from female teachers. They, therefore, have the facility to choose the teacher they want for their child. The tutors are polite and loving because they are trained and are capable of teaching and managing children. Children need special care and attention. So they can get it from their online teachers.

24 Hours Availability of Teachers

As teachers are available 24/7 so you can hire a teacher for your kids anytime when you want. Online Quran centers have a team of tutors who remain available for kids all the time. You can get this great benefit only if you choose online learning. 24 hours availability of teachers helps every child take lessons. Finding a teacher is also easy. You can even choose the native Arabic teacher for teaching the Quran to your child. You have unlimited options for choosing teachers.

The Best Alternate to Traditional Learning

Online classes for kids are now the best alternative of traditional Quran learning method. It offers far more benefits to children than stated above. Those days are no more present when Quran classes were available to a limited group of people. Parents are now not dependent on madrassa, mosque or a home tutor (Qari). They are now free to select the courses online with the teachers of their choice. Every child can learn the Book of Allah without leaving home.

Online Quran Learning has created a healthy competition between intuitions. In order to become popular, they try to offer high-quality teaching service. This is great for parents as they can hire high-quality teachers for their children. Parents who are interested in online classes for kids must try to choose a top level institution. Children always want to stay comfortable while learning. If they feel comfortable, they will learn in a better way. If a teacher is good, they can concentrate on their lessons properly but it is a duty of a teacher to keep the children engaged during lessons so that they learn properly.

When weighing the pros and cons of online classes, we come to the conclusion that the benefits are more than the disadvantages. So if you are thinking of choosing online courses for your children, you should not think anymore. Instead, choose the classes straightway.

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