Online Quran Learning offers the best opportunity for kids to learn Quran. Online Quran classes are similar to the classes from regular institution. Parents often find it difficult to send their children to Islamic institution for learning religion Islam and Quran. They prefer home based learning because they are not comfortable sending their children outside. Pak Quran Academy like other courses also offers classes of Islamic studies for kids. All the Muslims living in any part of the world can choose us for Islamic courses for their children. Islamic study is the study that is related to Islam. The Muslims should know everything about Islam and this education should start at early age. The children should also learn about the religion Islam. Sometimes the source of getting education is not available.

online quran classes

The technology has made the Online Islamic Learning very popular. The Muslim kids can join us from any part of the world. Islamic education courses that we offer of kids include

  • Basic Islamic Teachings
  • Reading Arabic
  • Kalma
  • Basic Surahs
  • Duaas
  • Salah
  • Wudu

We are proud to have qualified tutors who offer good quality Islamic education. They teach on one-to-one class basic. The teachers give lecture individually to each student. There are no pre-recorded lessons. We have live tutors who offer online classes.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Children of all ages can join us for this course. We have not set any age requirements for taking admission in this course. The main thing is that they must be able to coordinate and interact with the teachers.

The students learn the basics of the religion. This basic knowledge of religion will help them explore the religion Islam in future. Our Quran classes for Kids are very reliable. We teach the students how to act upon the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is our responsibility of every Muslim parent to educate their children about their religion. It is essential for us to live our lives according to Islam. Not only we should live our lives according to Islam but we must teach our children the importance of our religion. It is only possible if we offer them the necessary Islamic education. We have the experience of more than 13 years in teaching our students online. Our teachers are knowledgeable and they will enlighten the hearts of your children with the light of Islam.

Our Teaching Method

We offer our lessons in exciting manners so that children learn along with fun activities. Some lessons are in the form of videos that explain important elements of Islam. Each of our lessons is of a very high standard. Our teaching method is amazing and interesting.

Learning Islam With Pak Quran Academy

We designed the course in a simple manner. Our aim is to make Islamic studies easier for the children. For this reason our teachers give very effective lessons. We teach the students different ways of practicing Islam and also educate the children about the methods of worship.

We are very happy to say that we are a leading online institute for online Quran learning. The students not only learn Quran with us but also learn good habits and Islamic manners. Our teachers are qualified as well as certified from the well known institutions. We also have Hafiz-i-Quran teachers. The teachers are University graduates in Islamic Studies. The syllabus is very useful and teachers have best teaching techniques.  Teaching children is an art and our teachers are equipped with this art.

The classes are online and the students must have laptop/ computer, smartdevices, internet connection, and Skype account. We have become a famous online Islamic center for the Muslims across the world. The thing of honor for us is that our students are happy with us. They are satisfied with our teachers and refer others to our center.

Our Aim

Pak Quran Academy is working with the aim is to offer the top quality Online Quran classes and Islamic studies to our new generation. We want our new generation to learn their religion for their better future and have flexible timings of the classes so that every student finds it easy to complete his studies with us. We want to offer convenience to every student. In Islamic studies course the children enjoy the lessons. The Islamic information of the students also increases. Islamic information is very important for building the character of a Muslim.

We offer classes to all the Muslim children no matter in which country they are residing. Students of all nations can join us for Online Quran Learning. We have English speaking teachers who can easily coordinate with international students.

How To Register for Online Quran Classes

We take only a limited number of students. So if you want this course for your child, register with us. Provide us with all the details. Follow our registration page for Online Quran Learning.


Online Quran Classes for Kids
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