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Online Quran Learning in your busy life in a way as if you are properly in an institute is desired by all. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to take regular Quran classes from any institute because of the hectic routine of life. Pak Quran Academy proudly offers opportunity to Learn Quran for Adults to people living in any part of the world. We are the Online Quran Academy with qualified tutors who offer flexibility in learning Quran through one-to-one student-teacher method. online quran classes is a new trend and is especially popular in case of distant learning. In the past, the only face to face learning was the only way of taking Quran classes. But now online classes are offered to the Muslims residing in any country of the world.

Online Quran Learning has become very popular in these days due to the arrival of technology. We welcome students of all ages and levels to get registered with us from anywhere in the world anytime they are available. Our educational classes include.Online Quran Learning

  • Quran Reading Education ( for Beginners)
  • Fluent Reading of Quran
  • Tajweed Classes (for Advance learners)
  • Quran Translation
  • Memorization (Hifdh) of Holy Quran
  • Basic Islamic Teachings


Online Quran Classes for Kids | Learn Quran for Adults

In the basic Quran reading Educational class, the students are usually the beginners and the new learners as we also offer Online Quran Classes for Kids. The course is designed to make the students get familiar with the Arabic language. The basic rules and regulations of reading Quran are taught.

Online Quran Classes with Tajweed

In tajweed class, the students are taught how to correctly read Quran with proper recitation and pronunciation. Special consideration is given to the Arabic accent. The students are given the opportunity to practice more and more so that they become expert in reading Quran as we have professional teachers to offer Online Quran Classes for Kids.

Online Quran Learning with Translation

In this class the students are taught special course to learn the translation of Quran.  The teachers teach the students in a manner so that they are able to understand the Quranic verses. First of all the students are made to understand the Arabic language so that they can then understand Quran. You can also get a trail to check our Online Quran Learning system.

Online Quran Learning with Hifz

The students in Hifz class memorize the Quran by heart. The class is taken by the teacher who is also Hafiz e Quran. Our classes are designed in a way that every student feels it easy to memorize the Quran without very hard work. This class is usually for those students who have completed their Quran reading education which is also known as Nazira. After Hifz, we give special time to the students for the revision of their lessons and also help them in Online Quran Learning.

Our online Quran institute is especially invaluable for those who are juggling work or family. The flexibility of learning that we offer is just to let you go through your Quranic studies and get close to the Lord.  Our efficient online teaching tools ensure superior quality teaching to every student. We are renowned to provide the best worldwide Quran learning online.

Learn Quran for Adults by Pak Quran Academy

Pak Quran Academy has made the learning process much easier and interesting even for kids too. Our tutors are well trained to give very good instructions. Our offered classes are the best opportunities to get committed to the Quran learning to practice Islam.  We are highly pleased to offer Adults to Learn Quran Online too.  The students are made to read Quran by highly qualified teachers and tutors who are Hafiz-i-Quran and are trained in the rules of recitation. They are University graduates in Islamic Studies. We have our own efficient syllabus based on Islamic manners. Our audio communication system is very professional to deliver the lecture in an efficient manner.  On the basis of age and gender, the students are separated into classes. There are special classes for females who are given the classes by the female teachers. The students are mandatory to have laptop/ computer/ smartphone, internet connection, and Skype account in order to take classes. You can take our Learn Quran for Adults opportunity.

Every student either kid or adult can take Online Quran Classes now very easy with the ease of staying at home via the internet. With our best teaching techniques, we are renowned to be the best Quran Academy Online. We have thousands of students from all around the world and our every student is satisfied with our education i.e. 1 to 1 private Online Quran Classes for Kids designed for every student. The teachers concentrate on every student individually to give the high-quality Quranic education.

Our aim is to provide the top quality Online Quran Classes for Adults to satisfy their needs. The timings of the classes are also flexible so that the students get the full facility to Online Quran Learning according to their convenience. We offer our educational services to improve the Islamic information and character of Muslims from all over the world. Students of all ages and nations are welcome to join us.  To get registered please follow our registration page.

Quran Learning Online

Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Learning

Learn Quran For Adults

Easy to Learn Online Quran Classes
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