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learn to read quran
To seek guidance and help, we can find many books in this world. But for Muslims, there is no such Book like the Quran. This Holy Book has its own significance that ever Muslim feels in his life. There are certain lessons in this book that are very important for the guidance of mankind. Other books for guiding people are made by human beings, so those books cannot be perfect. The Quran is the perfect Book because it is sent by Allah. It contains the speech of Allah and it is the only book in this world that will remain unchanged forever. It will remain the same in the future because it is truly a miracle of Allah Almighty. We believe that Allah has taken the responsibility of Learn To Read Quran, so there will be no change in the words of Allah till the Day of Qyamat. Listening to the recitation carefully is very important for respecting its dignity.

Learn To Read Quran In The Best Manner And With The Best Teachers

To seek guidance, we all should read it and try to understand it. There are so many hidden messages in the Quran so we all should study the details of the Holy Book. Through this Book, we cannot only learn about worship we can know about the reality of this world. We need a proper code of conduct and guidance for spending our life so our Holy Book is the best source of guidance for us. It is for all humankind and offers unlimited blessings but the important thing is to know how to gain these blessings.If you want to lead a successful life, you should be aware of the blessings of the Holy Book. Not only this life in this world but also the life hereafter can be successful with the help of the teaching of the Quran. When you recite the Holy Book, you feel very peaceful and relaxed.

As Muslims, our most important responsibility is to read the Book of Allah regularly and practically act upon the verses. Simple recitation without understanding meanings is also rewarding but if you understand what you recite then it is more rewarding. A person who teaches the Quran to others is a very noble person in the eyes of Allah so when you learn anything from the verses, you should preach it to others.

Learning The Quran Is Important

For Muslims of all sects, the Holy Book of Allah is of supreme importance. Everyone must learn and acquire knowledge of the Quran. First of all, we all should Learn to Read Quran because reading is the first step. There is a large number of Muslims who don’t know how to read the Quran but they are interested to do so. The Internet has opened doors to getting Online Quran teaching. Getting the help of skilled tutors is a fortunate thing and whosoever gets the guidance of an experienced teacher is really a lucky one. Then should have experience in the field of online teaching. The internet has conveniently simplified the task of learning the Holy Quran for everyone. The students can take their classes in the comfort of their homes and study at their own pace. There are no hassles and troubles in taking lessons in this way. Online learning also offers the opportunity to do an in-depth study. The internet makes all the Quran courses easily reachable to you. You can hire a teacher by making a few clicks.

There are different lessons that students can take online. The first stage of learning is to learn the reading which is called the recitation. After that students can decide whether they want to memorize or take the lessons of Tafseer lessons. Students who want to memorize should take the guidance of a teacher who is a Quran Hafiz. There are a lot of benefits of recitation. The first thing is that when we read the Book of Allah, we get rid of the stress. Each and every verse of this Holy Book helps in combating the stressful feelings. Listening to the recitation also heals your stress. But it does not mean that you only listen to the Quran but don’t read it. If you don’t know how to read, you must learn it.

Reciting With Tajweed

Learning Tajweed is very important because it will help you in avoiding mistakes. Students can learn Tajweed from apps. But it is advisable to hire a teacher to learn Tajweed lessons. All the Muslims must take the recitation seriously. So Tajweed is also important as it makes the reciter proficient in reading. Through Tajweed, it is possible to observe the correct pronunciation of every letter of the Quran. The correct pronunciation is extremely valuable for Muslims. Tajweed lessons are the beginning lessons so every student must start with these lessons. Almost every one of us learns the Quran in our childhood. But some people study the Holy Quran when they are adults for different reasons. One of the main reasons is the unavailability of the Quran learning facility. Sometimes appropriate teachers are unavailable so people are unable to take correct lessons to learn recitation. Many parents face problems in finding reputable teachers near them and sometimes they give up searching. So the students fail to acquire virtuous knowledge.

Such people should make use of the internet and learn the recitation of the Holy Book. The students can check the internet for searching the right Qari. There are many different sites where students can hire a teacher and there are many qualified teachers. There are many advantages to taking online classes for both adults and children. People have tough and hectic routines nowadays so online classes are the only way they can learn with ease. Learning the recitation is an important aspect of our lives. It is very important to pronounce Allah’s words properly. In this digital age, learning everything is possible. No matter in which country of the world you are, you can learn the Book of Allah in the best manner with the best teacher.

Applying Tajweed Rules

Many people read the Holy Book regularly and also read so much of it. But they do not know the actual accent. As Arabic is a vast language, any small mistake while pronouncing any word or a letter may change the meaning so the reader must be careful in this regard. We all know that learning Tajweed is important but not compulsory but reading in a correct manner is compulsory. So, in this sense learning the rules of Tajweed becomes necessary. It is the only way one can avoid making the major or clear mistakes in recitation. If you hesitate in reading the holy book because of the fear of making mistakes then you must learn Tajweed for proper reading and memorizing. It has become the necessity of non-Arabs to apply the rules of Tajweed while reading and whoever doesn’t apply these rules, will make mistakes. Not applying these rules may lead to the wrong pronunciation of the Arabic letters which will ruin the meaning. It is quite easy to avoid this sin and keep away from making the major mistakes. Basically, there are two types of mistakes.

  • Clear Mistakes

  • Unobvious Mistakes

In order to avoid both kinds of mistakes, it is very necessary to study Tajweed rules in detail. Even if students want to memorize, they should learn the rules of Tajweed. For acquiring this knowledge, there should be an expert tutor so that they can guide how to avoid mistakes and learn the right pronunciation.

Sometimes a student changes one letter into another, or change Fathah into Damma, Qaaf into Kaaf, etc he/she makes a mistake. Similarly, if one does not observe the elongations (Madd), he makes mistakes too. Stopping or starting at an incorrect place can change the meanings of the words. These are clear mistakes which are very important to avoid. Sometimes the reciter makes mistakes that are not very clear. The elongation of letters should be exact. If it is not exact, reciters will not recite properly. Moreover, if the reciter does not observe the attributes of each letter perfectly, there are chances of making mistakes. Those who study Tajweed rules are able to avoid these mistakes. An ordinary person is not able to understand such rules so for them learning Tajweed is very important.

Melodious Recitation

It is not only important to recite the Book of Allah correctly and properly but reciting the Qur’an melodiously is also very important. Our Prophet (PBUH) used to recite in slow and rhythmic tones. Reciting fast is not recommended and our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also commanded people to read the Holy Book in a beautiful voice and the tone should be pleasant. A beautiful voice increases the beauty of recitation. Unfortunately, all of us don’t have the reciting skills and they read without any feeling. Every Muslim should put his efforts into learning this skill. It is the most appreciated skill and the person who can read the Holy verses is the most respected person. Such a person has a special status in the Muslim community.

The person who has the finest voice is the one who fears Allah. Everyone compliments the beauty of the recitation so we all should try to make our voice more pleasant and emotional while reading our sacred Book. The text is not an ordinary text so you should be very careful in reading this sacred text. It is sacred because it is literally the word of Allah. From the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), good recitation was given great importance. But people today forgot the importance of reciting the Quran melodiously. They have different excuses and avoid learning the proper rules of recitation.

Helpful Tips

There are Qaida Books that can help you learn the rules of recitation. You can study those books but you must study with the help of your teacher. There are audio CDS to help students learn reading the Holy Book. These methods are effective but no one can underestimate the importance of a teacher. The books and CDs can give you the idea of the way of reciting but they will not pick out your mistakes. Only a tutor can correct your mistakes. Find a teacher who has the knowledge of Tajweed or having an Ijazah in recitation is the right step you can take if you want to make your recitation perfect. No book can guide you learn recitation in a proper manner but only a Qari can. There should be a qualified teacher who can correct you and help you in applying the rules correctly.

Join local Mosques or madrassas to find a Qari. If you can’t access a Qari from a mosque, try taking online classes or hire online tutors. If you are interested in online classes, choose the ones who are recommended by people who have taken online classes. When you learn the rules, try to practice them again and again so that you never forget them. Practice will make you perfect. The Quran is the greatest blessings for Muslims that Allah bestowed us.

Often the new learners have the problem that they want to master everything overnight. They want to become expert reciter as soon as possible. They should understand that learning all the rules and proper method of reciting is not possible overnight. And they have to spend some time in understanding and practicing. After that, they will become an expert. Many learners who don’t get the results according to their expectations soon after they take class, they get disheartened. For better learning, the students should start from the shorter Surahs. There are some long and difficult ones that will make their learning difficult but beginners should start with shorter Surhas. Good recitation means quality recitation. If you know how to read the Quran, you should focus on making your recitation better. Good recitation is no doubt the source of pleasure not only for the reciter but also for those who listen.

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