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Learn Quran Word By Word

Learn Quran Word by Word Learn Quran Word by Word

The Quran is the Holy Book of Muslims which is in the Arabic language. We are the followers of Islam so it is compulsory for us to learn our Holy Book. Arabs can understand the Quran but Muslims in other parts of the world cannot read or understand it until they Learn Quran Word By Word it properly. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first person who taught this Book to people. He (PBUH) was the first teacher of the Book of Allah. This Holy Book contains Allah’s messages but to understand it in Arabic, non-Arabs must learn it. Allah addressed to Arabs initially through this Book and the message was for the whole of humanity.

It is the final message of Allah that everyone who is Arab and non-Arab must learn these final words. This divine message applies to every aspect of life and fulfills the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of mankind. It is the basic thing that all Muslims should do. When we read the Book of Allah, we remember Allah.

What Does It Mean To Learn Quran Word By Word?

The Muslim population all over the world is increasing day by day and the Muslim communities have different languages so they must learn reading Arabic. Oral recitation is the first and most important step in learning this Book of Allah. Its proper recitation contains the true power of the Quran. It is really rewarding to read the Quran accurately and melodiously. If one aims to memorize it, it is more rewarding.

The Quran was revealed at a time when poetry was highly appreciated. So Allah revealed His Book in the poetic sense. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited the verses, they appeared as if it was written by a poet due to the rhythmic tone. The verses showed the wisdom of the Book so a lot of people converted to Islam. Learning the Quran is not very simple. There are certain rules for reading. In order to read the Arabic of the Quran, it is essential to learn those rules. This is for reading, but for understanding, we have to learn the meanings of every word of every verse. By understanding the Holy Book, we can understand how important the teachings of this Book are.

So we all should make efforts to move towards a better understanding of the Holy Book. After studying the Quran, we will find out that Allah has laid down the solution to every problem of a man.

Learning Of The Quran

It is the first and the most important duty of a Muslim to learn the Book of Allah. It is not only the source of guidance but also discrimination between right and wrong. The best kind of learning is when we Learn the Quran word by word. In this way, a person will understand each and every word written in the Book. There are basically two ways to learn word by word. First of all, we should know how to read it. Learning how to read is the first step. So word by word reading is the best way to learn.

Word By Word Reading

If you want to learn how to read the Book of Allah, you should start word by word. The best way is to start the Qaida course. In this course, the students will first learn the alphabet, and then they will learn the pronunciation of these alphabets. After this, they will learn how to join these alphabets to make words. When students will learn words, they can learn their pronunciation too. Moving word by word is the most efficient way to master the recitation skill. It is obligatory to learn the pronunciation of every word. It is possible with Tajweed knowledge. A slight change in pronunciation can alter the meanings. So mastering reading the verses with Tajweed rules is of supreme importance. This is for bringing accuracy in the recitation.

Word By Word Translation

There is a difference between the Quran and its translation. Non-Muslims like Christians read the translation of the Bible only as for them its translation in any language is also the Bible. But in Islam, the translation is only a translation. We have to read the verses and surahs in Arabic for worship purposes. The word of God will be only the same as written in the Quran. The translations are only for the purpose of our ease to help us understand the verses. It is an Arabic Quran so we should learn translations for understanding it. We can understand the teaching of the Quran through word by word meanings and by reading the explanation of the meanings of the verses. The best way to understand the teachings is to Learn Quran Online word by word.

Memorizing Word By Word

Students can not only read or understand the Quran, but they can also memorize. The best and reliable manner of memorizing is word by word memorization. The students can precisely complete the hifz course in this way. The easy way is to start with the shorter Surahs and then move to the longer ones. In the start, every student feels difficulty but it becomes easy with time. Once the students gain the momentum of memorizing, it becomes easy to hifz fast.

How to Learn?

The easiest way to learn is to take the guidance of a professional tutor. The Quran teaching institutions provide this opportunity for Muslims to learn the Book of Allah in the best way. There are many such institutions in the world. Some Muslims are unable to avail of the opportunities that these institutions provide because of the unavailability of these institutions. These days, online institutions are more popular than local ones. These Islamic centers teach according to the age of the students. Both kids and adults can enroll in courses to learn the Book of Allah in detail. Online institutes are appropriate places for all kinds of students. These institutes are playing an important role in increasing the knowledge of Muslims.

Online Shia Quran teaching has become increasingly popular in the world and especially Western countries. We also believe that this method of instruction will become more popular in the future because of many reasons. The accessibility of the internet and flexibility are two main reasons online learning has become so popular. Many people face some issues in learning the Holy Quran from madrassas but online institutions are more helpful and reliable for them as they can offer them the opportunities that local institutions don’t provide.

The quality of online courses is also high in all aspects because the teachers are qualified and experienced. Their teaching style and experience affect the learning of the students. They know how to teach them word by word so that they can acquire the best knowledge.

The Benefits of This Method of Learning

Without a sufficient understanding of words, no one can understand the messages of Allah. So the students must focus on the vocabulary. It is important for both effective reading and understanding. Students have to become familiar with the words many times to admit them in their memory. If your mind is active, you will learn the words more easily. The best way is to practice the word over and over again. Make your vocabulary rich in order to be successful. A rich vocabulary will help the students understand what they are reading. It is, therefore, important to get familiar with all the words because unfamiliar words make the verses meaningless, preventing us from completely understanding what we are reading.

When we are learning a new language like Arabic of the Quran, the most effective tip is to improve your vocabulary. In this way, you will recognize the new words. The students will not only learn Arabic words, but they will also actually learn the words that Allah chose Himself. So it is necessary to know what these words mean. This is the best way you can make a connection with the Holy Book to a deeper level. It gives us the benefit that when we are reciting the Holy Quran, we become familiar with the words.

Offers Unique Virtues and Merits

It is a good way to know how Quranic words are pronounced. This is great because you will make your recitation better after learning the right way to pronounce the words. Practice and revision are very important because if you will practice more and more, you will not forget them and you will master the words very soon. It is really very rewarding to be able to read the Holy Book of Allah.  Recitation is the communication with God and it offers unique virtues and merits. The course that helps students learn word by word is not only for adults but also for kids. The course teaches the basics of the Arabic language.

The basic objective of the course is to allow students to become competent in the knowledge of the Holy Quran. If the students study with attention, they can have a firm grounding in the reading, understand, and memorizing the Quran. Different Online Quran Center design different curriculum to help students to acquire the basics of the Holy Book.

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