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Learn Quran Online

Ways You Can Learn Quran Online

The best way to make a connection with Allah is to connect to the Quran. The Holy Book is the guidance for us to choose the right path. All Muslims need the Holy to purify their souls. We get many benefits and rewards when we read and Learn Quran Online. We are the believers, and we have the only way to get close to Allah and that is through the Holy Book.

A lot of Muslims don’t even know how to read the Quran Pak. They should know that it is important and necessary for every Muslim to learn the Quran.  Your success in life also depends on how you lead your life according to the Quran. We get knowledge related to all aspects of life from the Holy Quran. So, learning is very important. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a means of learning, and we remain deprived of this most important education.

Reading and understanding the Quran is the noble deed because it is the Book of Allah. Children and adults both should learn it. Children must know the basics of the Quran and make it a daily routine to read some verses of the Holy Book.

Modern Way of Holly Book Learning

Out of different ways, the most convenient way of learning is to learn Quran online easily. It is the modern way and it is suitable when traditional methods of learning are not available or possible. Then it is the best way to learn the Holy Quran online in the form of online live classes. This method is suitable because students can learn conveniently at their chosen time without going anywhere. Thanks to the internet which has made learning of the Quran so easy and convenient for every person.

Qualified teachers including Qaris and Islamic scholars are only at a distance of a few clicks now. Learning the Quran has never been so easy and convenient before but PQA made it easy. The learning process at the institute is comprehensive and the teachers facilitate all Muslim students of all age groups and genders.

Reading with Tajweed

Reading the Quran accurately and with the correct accent is the main thing about recitation and it is the wish of everyone to recite with proper rules. Our tutors will help you do it effectively and easily.

Taking the guidance of professional tutors for learning the recitation is very important as in this way students can learn quickly. Those who want to improve their recitation skills can also choose our easy ways to learn the Quran and take Tajweed classes at our platform.

Translation/Tarjuma Online

Now you can read the Quran with translation. Our institute has the best tutors to help you read the Holy verses with their meanings.  Students who can read the Quran fluently can read it with translation and become able to understand the meaning of verses of the Quran. It is a very useful course that helps you understand the messages that Allah sent to us. Our education sector has senior teachers who teach this course to Muslims across the world. The course is for all the Muslims who have completed reading and Tajweed course.

Learning Tafseer Online

Our students can learn the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran. We offer an online Tafseer course that allows students to understand the meanings of the Book of Allah. Developing a general understanding of the teachings of the Holy Quran is now easy with the help of our institute. Students learn the meanings of the verses along with the general understanding. It is a very important course.

Memorization Course

Memorize the Quran with the best techniques from our platform. We have expert Hafiz e Quran teacher to help the student do Hifz.  We usually teach this course to kids but if adults who want to Learn Quran Online in the USA or other countries of the world, we can teach them too. School going children can memorize the Quran with us without neglecting their school studies. We are one of the most prestigious Online Quran Center where you can memorize the Quran. If you don’t have the means to travel to a madrassa, you can easily take your lessons at home.

What Do You Need To Learn Online?

Learning the Holy Book online requires a sincere and serious attitude. The internet has made it easier to learn each course of the Quran, but the students require hard work, devotion, focus, dedication and willingness to complete the course successfully.

We have expert teachers to help you successfully learn each course, but you need to revise every lesson. You may face some challenges in learning, but we can help you solve any problem you face. The students must use special techniques for learning in order to be successful. The presence of experienced instructors is very important. Our teachers have a good educational background to teach lessons to the students and give them a valuable learning experience.

Know More About Online Classes

Online learning is one of the most helpful methods of effective Quran learning. Muslims all around the world can choose this best way to learn Quran online and we offer classes in an easy and flexible way. Both kids and elders can easily learn at their home. This way of learning is more convenient than you can think. Kids can gain knowledge of the Quran in front of the eyes of their parents. If there is no nearby mosque, there is no need to drive a faraway mosque. Our institute will help you learn the Quran. This is the reason hundreds of people are now choosing our platform for learning the Holy Quran.

The best thing is that it does not matter how old you are. You can learn any course with the help of our well-qualified teachers. We are ready to guide you in all courses from Noorani Qaida lessons to Tafseer and Islamic Fiqh. We are here to improve your knowledge of the Holy Book. Our foundation has the most effective courses for students all over the world.

How Do Online Quran Classes Work?

The students learn over Skype and communicate with the teacher via voice. We make learning easy with the help of screen sharing as students can read the page easily. Skype Quran classes are live and interactive and if students Learn Quran online Skype, every student finds it effective to learn. One more thing of attraction is flexibility which means that students can choose their own schedule and timing of the class. The students can also choose the package and a male or female teacher. Our institute has teachers who can speak English, Arabic, and Urdu. The teachers are capable enough to make learning full of fun. Students can take the classes on their Pc or android device but the internet connection should be fast.

You feel relaxed about the timing of the lesson. With trial classes, there is no confusion to choose us.  you can take trial classes free of cost and after taking classes students can easily decide if they want to continue or not.

Our institute offers trial classes for 3 days and in the trial classes, most of the students enjoy so much that they wish to take regular classes with us. Trial classes are also one way of welcoming new students.

Teaching Qualities

The teachers have a unique approach to teaching online. It is actually difficult to make students concentrate when teaching online but our teachers are trained and experienced to keep students engaged during the class. The teachers are capable of making a favorable environment to learn Quran for beginners and advanced level students.

We have a One-to-one teaching methodology in which a single student learns with a teacher at a time. We have no group class system and proven teaching techniques. Learn the Holy book with us and make a close relationship with Allah. Learning the Book of Allah is not an overnight process, rather it is a slow process and if students do it regularly and with consistency, they will be successful.

As there is no age limit for taking the class so PQA welcomes students of all ages. Men, women, and kids can easily learn online at the comfort of their home and at the time that students are easily available.
It is important for Muslims to think about the future of their children. The Quran is not very difficult to learn, and we made it easy for all. Those who have not started learning the Holy Book yet should take the first step and choose us.

It is our belief that Islam tells us a complete way of life. We can learn about religion if we read and understand the Holy Book. Translations in different languages are available but we offer classes in English and Urdu translation of the Quran. If you are interested you can Learn Quran Arabic online with us. Learning Arabic will make it easy for you to understand all the verses and chapters easily. Take the exclusive classes that we offer at our Platform.

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