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How to Learn Quran Online?

How To Learn Quran Online In An Easy And Convenient Way?

The Quran is the Holy Book that is ideal for every person. It is the Book that has teachings for all times of life. It is the best source of knowledge and all Muslims believe it to be divine guidance. The Quran gives us wisdom and information about worship. We can learn different doctrines and principles of Islam through this Book. It is a complete code of conduct and provides us a detailed guideline to spend lives according to the commands of Allah.

Why Learn the Quran?

So, why do we have to learn the Quran? All Muslims should make a connection with their religion. It is achievable if we are dedicated to the teachings of the Holy Book. It is important to learn all of the teachings. First of all, we should learn recitation skills and then understand the Holy text. The verses are translated into many languages for the assistance of people in different countries. English is the universal language and translations are available in English too for allowing worldwide Muslims to understand the commands of Allah. For learning the Holy Book, it is important to learn Arabic first.

How to Learn?

Learning the Quran is an important duty for Muslims. This work can be done in different ways. Quran tutors/ Qaris are the most important people who are playing a major role in spreading the knowledge of this Holy Book. They teach exactly the best way to learn this special Book of Allah. Muslims can find these teachers in madrassas, mosques, and Jamia. There is a choice of hiring these tutors for teaching at home or going to mosques or madrassa for taking group or individual classes. It is really difficult to learn new things in the beginning, but it becomes easier with a little effort and attention. There are some tips to help students in their learning process.

  1. Choose an Institute

The first step of learning is choosing an Institute. An organization should have a good reputation. The best education sector is the one that is suitable for you. There are many institutions available over the internet to teach you the Quran lessons. You can learn in a better way if your institution is reliable. A reliable institution does not mean a famous one. Many institutions are not famous but they offer high-quality education. You can also choose any suitable platform for learning.

  1. Choosing Teachers

The second most important step if you want to know how to learn the Quran of learning is the choice of teachers. Educated and qualified teachers are very important to hire. Secondly, the tutor must be an expert in a specific subject. For example, if you want to learn recitation, the tutor must be capable of reading properly. If you want to memorize the Quran, the teacher must be Hafiz- e- Quran. Similarly, extended courses like translation and Tafseer should be taught by highly qualified tutors like Islamic scholars.

  1. Study the Basic Course

As you start learning the Quran, the most important thing is to start with the basic course. The basic course is the Qaida course which helps in learning the Arabic alphabets along with their pronunciation.  This basic course is for beginners that teach you the correct accent. The course is very important for getting a good initial grasp over the Arabic letters and alphabets.

  1. Learning Tajweed

Reading the Quran requires pronouncing it properly and accurately. Tajweed is a very important knowledge for preventing mispronunciation of the Quranic words. Without Tajweed, there are chances that you will make mistakes in reading the Quran. There are certain rules that the reader must follow if he/she wants to replicate the way the prophet Mohammed recited the Quran. These rules are important to remember for accurate recitation. We recommend everyone to learn Tajweed early before anything so that it becomes easy to read the surahs and verses with perfect voice and recitation. A beautiful recitation has a deep and soothing effect on the heart of every person. So if you want to become a good reciter, you should start learning Tajweed. For Tajweed learning, there should be a highly knowledgeable teacher who has the knowledge of all Tajweed rules.

  1. Understand What You Read

The best form of learning is that when we understand the meanings of what we recite. Since the Quran is in Arabic, so non-Arabs must understand it besides simply reading it. It is even more important to focus on understanding the verses. The students must know how to translate Arabic to their native language. The verses are in classical Arabic language so it is important to learn the Quran-specific terminology. For this, students should first learn vocabulary so that it becomes easy. It will take some time in learning translation but with proper guidance, students will learn everything. Learning the vocabulary is not much difficult because a lot of words are repeated. So if we will learn these words, it will make a major portion of the Quran. So students will understand the Quran quite simply.

Why Is Quran Learning Important?

Gain a deeper understanding of Islam. Without this Holy Book, it is not possible to become practicing Muslims. This Book makes and deepens the relationship with Allah. It is the greatest Book because it is the direct speech of Almighty Allah. As it is Allah’s Holy Book so it is our belief that it is completely faultless. No one can find mistakes, doubts, and faults in it. There is the guidance for everyone in this Book. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also emphasized learning the Quran.

We should not only read it but should also learn it by heart. There is a very special position for a person in this world and hereafter who learns this Holy Book by heart. Only that person can lead Congregational Prayers who has more knowledge of Islam. Allah also favors that person who learns his Holy Book and then teaches to others. Such a person is considered as the best one of all. If we will study this Book properly, it will give us the assurance of paradise. Allah will also forgive the sins of that person who know struggles for learning His Holy Book. It is such a miraculous Book that reading a single letter of this Book offers 10 rewards to the readers.

We all should learn to read the Quran in a better way in order to be considered as the Noble person. Those who feel more difficulty in learning the Quran but struggle to learn will receive double rewards because he made more efforts. The Book of Allah guides the lives of a Muslim. There are a lot of books in the world from where people can seek guidance but those books have no comparison with the Book of Allah. This is because the Holy Book deals with all topics of life. No book in the world is comparable to the Holy Book of Allah.

If you are also in search of guidance, you must choose this treasure of knowledge because all kinds of information come from this Holy Book. To move to the bright future, it is important to move out of the darkness of Ignorance. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also said that he is leaving the Holy Book (Quran) and the Sunnah behind people so if they follow them, they will never be lost.

How to Bring the Best Results Out Of Your Online Learning?

Many people think that taking Quran courses online is very convenient. But it requires some specific things for being a successful learner. The students must have time management skills, motivation, self-discipline, strength, willpower, and many more things. In the beginning, it may be challenging for the students to successfully learn every lesson in the online environment but there are some tips to bring out the best results and become successful.

  1. Be Motivated

Online classes are suitable for those people who really want to learn but face some challenges in learning. So motivation is very important for becoming successful in this form of learning. Staying active is also essential. Commit yourself completely and participate in the class. It is necessary to be capable of using technology. Students must cooperate with teachers for better learning. Try to learn the lessons on time so that you can move to the next lessons without wasting too much time. Self-discipline is significant as, without this thing, it is not possible to become a successful learner.

  1. Try To Meet Your Goals

Different courses have different time durations. You must know the time required to complete that course so you can balance your learning with other commitments of your life. If you have a full-time job and you are busy with your family or social life, you can still study online and manage your classes with your daily life. You must know your study goals in order to stay on track with your course. You must have some hope to accomplish your goals and objectives. Your goals can be the best road map during your study. So first understand the requirements of your course.

  1. Make It A Part Of Your Routine

It is very important to set aside a specific time for online Quran learning. You must make it your daily routine just like you would be active for attending regular classes. Be patient and give yourself some time to master the course you are studying. Take your lessons seriously so you understand everything clearly. Fix the time of day you will take your classes. Choose if you want to take morning classes or night lessons? Make a schedule when you will take your classes. But make sure to set a routine at your comfortable pace.

  1. Understand How To Study

Before you start taking your classes, try to know more about the course. You should know how you will enroll in the course and how to access your teacher. You will interact with your teacher with the help of communication software, so you must know how to use it. In online Quran learning institutes, teachers usually teach via Skype.

  1. Get A Good Internet Connection

Your internet access should be reliable but still, there is a chance that technology glitches may happen anytime time. You may lose your internet connection during your class or your computer crashes. There are many mishaps that you can face so you must have a backup. If your internet is reliable you can have the opportunity to avoid these mishaps.

  1. Participate In The Class

Taking online classes doesn’t mean that you just listen to your teacher. It is important to connect with your teacher and participate in the class. You should not feel any hesitation in talking to your teacher if you do not understand anything. The barriers of distance must not hinder you in asking anything from your teacher and participating in the class. Active participation is very important for successful completion of the course. This will help you avoid misunderstandings.

These tips are very important to follow and will make your online Quran learning fun and pleasant experience. You can also fit your required course in your busy schedule.

How Adult Learners can learn the Quran

Adult learners can also take Quran classes easily if they choose online learning. The online courses give them easy access to the most important Quran courses. Online classes offer modern techniques to help adult students learn what they want to study. They can learn throughout the year. Online Quran classes are one of the most effective and helpful ways for adults. If they are busy professionals they can choose the class time that suits them. They can choose any time when they are free no matter it is day time or night time. If adult learners feel hesitation in going to mosques for learning the basics of the Quran, they can choose this way of learning because they learn privately at home with the teachers.

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