Pak Quran Academy is the Top Online Quran Academy that is Devoted to Educate Students to learn Quran online. We welcome Students of all ages Including Females, males and kids.female-tutors

We are Proud to offer Separate classes to Females with our Female Tutors specialized in Teaching Holy Quran very effectively. We feel Pleasure in Offering our Online Quranic Education with Special Skills and Attention.
Our Female Tutors are available for female Students and kids who have some limitations in learning Quran Online. We are serving our students with the aim to spread online Quran Teaching across the globe. For this purpose we have designed a very attractive Teaching methodology.

Female Tutors For Sisters

We Provide a very Comfortable online Environment for our Sister, Daughters and Kids where they don’t hesitate. In our classes we teach our sisters how to learn Quran word by word and with Tajweed.

Female Quran Teacher For Kids

Female Tutors are also available for kids including both girls and boys. Our specially designed courses for your kids will prepare them to learn reading and Online Quran Learning very efficiently. The classes are separated on the age basis of the kids. Our Trained Online Quran Teacher will give individual attention to your kid and if you are interested in Tajweed, the kids are also given education to learn Quran with Tajweed.

The Tutors are Talented, Hard Working and also very Courteous. They are expert in giving very efficient Quranic education. They are given special training before they start giving education to the students. With special techniques and methodology, every student is given special regard so that the learning becomes easy for her. We provide the flexible of timing for kids and Females. They can take their classes with the ease of their time. The Female tutors are available round the clock and are ready to give lessons whenever the students want to take.

We offer the lessons for reading, recitation of Quran as well as memorization of Quran to females and kids.  The Muslim Sisters, Daughters and kids can not only learn Quran online but also seek advice regarding all problems of daily life. We also have female scholars to give Islamic teaching to our students. Quran Reading and learning is not difficult for women now. They can learn it from the comfort of their home with our Reliable services.

If you want to get registered with us, you are welcome to connect with us Today.

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Female Tutor also available
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