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Is It A Good Option To Learn Quran Online?

Quran is the most read book in the world. All the Muslims of the world read the Quran. Learning the Quran is the first and foremost duty of the Muslims. Muslims in the Islamic countries can learn the Quran easily because they have many learning facilities around them but the Muslims in non-Islamic states prefer to learn the Quran online. They can learn in an effective way in this way.

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1. Options To Learn The Quran
2. Online Quran Learning
    2.1. No Traveling
   2.2. Variety
   2.3. Lower Cost Courses
   2.4. Self-Paced Study
   2.5. Well Qualified Tutors
   2.6. Comfortable Learning Environment
3. Conclusion
4. The Decision Is Yours
5. Learning Quran Online With Pak Quran Academy

Options To Learn The Quran

In some areas, there is a convenient access to the mosques or Islamic schools. The Muslims adults and children can, therefore, go there and learn the Quran. But this convenient access is not everywhere. Are you satisfied that you or your children are unable to read the Quran? Being a Muslim it is your duty to make the Quran an important part of your life. If you live with your family in an area where finding a Quran teacher has always been a struggle then how would you manage it? To overcome such issues, the Muslims have to look for the alternative ways of learning the Quran. We thank the technology that provided the convenient options for the Muslim community to learn the Holy Book in an effective way. Everyone looks out for the easy Quran learning options and online Quran learning is the most convenient option for all the people whether adults or children.

This is a simple example of online Quran learning in an easy way. It is for the beginners who want to learn the Quran from the basic level.

Online Quran Learning

Many people don’t think the idea of online learning is good or effective. Many people are not sure if they can trust the websites. We would like to say that online learning is a good option for many reasons. Let’s discuss some important reasons.

  1. No Traveling

You don’t need to travel and go somewhere to learn the Quran. You can do your classes from the comfort of your home(Learn to Read Quran from Home with Ease). Many of us get exhausted from going and coming to madrassa so with the help of online classes you can completely cut out the commute time. You can learn Quran online with Tajweed, memorize the Quran or study it in any way. You can save a lot of your time and invest it in other activities.

With online classes, you’ll save more than money. When there is no travelling, you can save time. Particularly if you live far from the local mosque or madrassa, you can save a good amount of money on travelling. You can continue your regular activities like going to school, office, etc. while having Quran classes. You can make the most of your time in this way.

  1. Variety

The traditional Quran learning institutes like madrassas usually don’t offer a variety of courses at one place. Online Quran institutes today offer a variety of options for students. It means the students can study any Quran course online. The variety of courses that students can study online include

  • Basic Quran learning
  • Quran reading with Tajweed
  • Quran memorization
  • Translation
  • Tafseer
  • Islamic Fiqah

These are the courses in general. There are many more courses that students can study online. It depends on the institution which courses they are offering. These courses help the students learn Quran online through Skypein an easy way.

Just like a variety of courses, you have also the choice to choose from the variety of institutions. You can choose from the list of institutions and choose the best one. When you choose the Quran center, make sure it is a reputable one. It is easy to know about the online institution from the reviews. In this way, you can know about the reputation of the Quran academy online.

  1. Lower Cost Courses

The Quran classes in the USA, UK, and other western countries from local Quran centers are very expensive. But if you choose the online Quran classes in USA, UK, Australia or Canada, they will be very affordable. The online courses of the Quran are a more affordable option than traditional Quran centres. If the online classes are not less expensive in terms of tuition fee, there are other expenses that help you save your money. For example, there is no travelling expense when you choose online courses.

But usually, the most online Quran study courses have more affordable tuition fees compared to local Islamic schools. People are usually in search of affordable options. No one likes to spend more money if cost-effective options are available to them. The online Quran academies have different fee plans. You can check which study plan suits you.

  1. Self-Paced Study

Many local Quran education centers usually teach the students at their own pace. This is not good for some students as they cannot follow the pace of a traditional course. As a result, such students become frustrated and start losing the interest in the lessons. If you want to study at your own pace, you should look for online Quran classes. The online learning gives you the advantages of self-paced study. This is possible due to an adaptable routine. When you take classes at a regular Islamic school (madrassa), you have a fixed schedule to take your class. But when you take the online Quran education, you can study at your own preferred time. You can learn the Quran while doing a job or focusing on your work. This is the best way to learn the Quran at your own pace and deal with personal issues.

  1. Well Qualified Tutors

Choosing a teacher is a very personal and highly-involved task. It is not always possible to find well qualified Quran tutors in your area. Well trained and experienced teachers are scarce. Qualified teachers are also trained. The people can find it easy to learn to read Quran online with the help of professional and trained tutors. The online Quran tutors are qualified and they teach in a better way than your local Qari. Hiring them is also easy. You can register with an online Quran academy and then hire a tutor. The online Quran academies are the best platform to find highly qualified teachers for all kinds of Quran courses.

As these online Quran academies are available in all parts of the world, so it is easier to find the professional Quran teachers from any part of the world. You can also hire Arabic speaking teachers. The teachers available at online Quran centers are able to plan and deliver lessons for the best learning and progress of the students. They provide the atmosphere in which students feel inspired and motivated to learn the Quran. There are a lot of online Quran centers providing the Quran classes, it is very important to know if the teachers are qualified or not.

  1. Comfortable Learning Environment

Learning the Quran in a comfortable way is one of the benefits of online Quran education. There is no physical class system and the students attend their Quran classes online on the Skype. The students don’t have to fight traffic or miss family time. They can sit at their homes and study the Quran anytime. They can also choose the time of taking the class. The online Quran centers are open 24/7. You can select any time of your class. Online Quran learning is growing rapidly and the number of students who enroll in different Quran courses is also growing. This is the reason the quality of education is also improved. The online Quran centers provide a comfortable environment to the students so that they find it easy to learn. One to one learning system gives confidence to the students. They don’t hesitate while in traditional Quran classes, the students hesitate in sharing any problem. They don’t feel any embarrassment when they make any mistake. In the online classes, the students, therefore, feel physically and psychologically comfortable. The atmosphere is always supportive.


Learn to Read Quran Online

These are some of the reasons why online Quran learning has become so popular. Due to these reasons, a large number of Muslim students are turning to online Quran learning courses. They think this is a better way to learn. The online Quran classes are suitable for students who are serious about improving their Quran recitation and learning new Quran courses are keen to enrol in the online Quran classes.

Both online Quran learning and the traditional way to learn the Quran have pros and cons, so it’s important to understand what to choose before making any decision. We have provided some of the main reasons that can help you decide online Quran learning is a good option for you.

The Decision Is Yours

After learning all the benefits of online Quran education, it is now up to you to decide whether you want online Quran education or traditional Quran learning. Choosing any option is purely your personal preference. The decision is yours but you need to do some self-evaluation before making any final decision. You can weigh between online and traditional Quran education benefits and then decide. If you choose the online Quran learning, it is important to choose the right teacher.

Learning Quran Online With Pak Quran Academy

To learn the Quran efficiently you should choose Pak Quran Academy. The Academy has made it possible for all the Muslims all over the world to learn the Quran and religion at their own home. We offer an easy way to learn Quran and religion with the help of our team of highly qualified tutors. You can hire the tutor any time you want. The aim of Pak Quran Academy is to provide the Muslim community with an opportunity to study the Quran easily.

We also offer the facility to learn Quran online for adults. It means new Muslims are also welcome at our academy. They can study any course by registering with us. You can actually study the Quran with us and strike a balance between job, studies, and family.

We are proud that we offer these services at very affordable charges. We also have competitive female teachers who teach very politely to the children. They are friendly with the female students.

We have designed the Quran courses to meet the learning needs of all the students. We are cost-effective and reliable.

We offer 100% free of cost trial classes for 3 days. Our Academy is open 24/7. Start your classes with us now.

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