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Learn The Holy Book Allah with Tajweed in USA and other Western Countries

Best way to Read Quran with proper pronunciation at Pak Quran Academy

It is proper pronunciation of Quran. These are the basic principles of the recitation. Pak Quran Academy offers basic Tajweed lessons for the beginners in western countries. When you want to learn the Holy Words, it is very important to learn them with laws. Here we offer the best resources for our students to learn the recitation with proper rules. Our Tajweed lessons are for both adults and children. Being a Muslim it is essential to know the proper and correct recitation. The laws help the reciter to recite it in the proper manner.
Learn Quran with Tajwid

Why is Quran So Important?

In our busy lives, we ignore the book of Allah. We must read and recite Quran daily as it is our religious responsibility. When we read Koran daily, we get closer to Allah. The best way to seek guidance about leading lives according to Allah’s commands is to read Koran. It has the solution to every problem. Without understanding it, we cannot live according to Allah’s rules.

Tutoring Service for Adults

From basic to advance course, we offer a variety of course to the Muslims. The courses are the same for adults and children. If you want to study from the very basic, you can Contact us. We teach Muslims the following courses.

  • Tajweed
  • Recitation
  • Translation
  • Tafseer
  • Memorization

In Tajweed course you will study the basic rules for pronunciation of Arabic letters and alphabets. You will also learn how to read Quran with proper rules. The translation course helps you in understand the meaning of verses. The Tafseer course will help you understand the detailed contextual meanings and interpretation of the verses of Quran too. In the memorization course, you will memorize the complete Koran. These are therefore the important Koran courses that give the opportunity to learn Quran for kids and adults all over the world.

Problems In Learning Koran

The people besides being interested in taking classes often have to face the problem of time management. They are busy and can’t find time because of their busy schedule. Some people have limited resources like having any nearby Islamic institution. For this reason, they are unable to learn Koran. Women too have to face many difficulties in learning. They cannot leave their homes or are very busy in their daily lives. No matter how busy we are in our lives, we must not ignore our Holy Book. It is the duty of all the Muslims to make this Book the part of our lives. We, therefore, offer an online Koran tutoring service for people. With the help of our services, you can take different courses.

Best Opportunity for Adults

Our Academy provides the learning facility for adults. Not only adults but we offer Online Quran for Kids too. The students should have a personal computer or laptops for taking the lessons. The tutors deliver the lectures on the Skype. This is a very convenient way of taking lessons. Hence the students don’t have to go anywhere. They can study by sitting at their homes. We ask the students to choose the time of their classes. Once the student picks the time of his class, we will start the lessons. We offer the flexibility of timing to our students.

Benefits Of Taking Our Services

The students don’t have to leave their homes. They can continue their daily life activities and take their online classes at home. They can choose the time of taking classes that suits them. Our Quran Academy for Adults offers convenience to the people. Hence they are the best option for those who have busy schedules.

The classes that we offer for adults are very beneficial for those who want to study the Koran. The most important benefit is that anyone can join our adults Quran Center because they are very affordable. We offer the most economical learning solution to the students. Our Qaris are in the access of students all the time. All the Mua'lims are qualified and experienced in teaching Koran. Because, Qaris are well aware of the rules of Tajweed, they teach the Koran with proper rules and principles. We also offer weekend courses. If you don’t have time to learn Koran by taking daily classes, you can choose weekend classes.

We are also Kids Quran Academy Center, so Muslim kids from all over the world can join us. Both male and female adult students can take the classes with us. We have female tutors for our female students.

Tajweed Qaida Course

In this course, the lessons start with the basic Qaida. Only the students who have no prior knowledge of reading Arabic can take this course.

Read below the brief outline of the course that we offer in this course:

  • The pronunciation of Arabic Alphabets
  • Consonants
  • Harakat
  • Huroof Maddah
  • Tanween
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Huroof Leenah
  • Rules of Laam and Raa
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf

Why this course?

If you want to know the right pronunciation of Arabic letters, Tajweed is very important. It helps in reading the Arabic words in the manner they should be read. It is very important to learn Quran with Tajweed because it is a fundamental of reading. It should, therefore, be taught by a qualified tutor. We have a team of qualified tutors who can deliver lectures to Muslims all over the world.

How Does It Help?

It helps in pronouncing the letters of Arabic properly. We teach the students under the supervision of the experienced tutor so that they can learn Tajweed online easily. Our Alims have the right knowledge of recitation and they also teach the students the right method.

Reading the Quran is compulsory for all Muslims and it is also important to know the rules of recitation. We have the professional tutors who teach the basics to the students. We are proud that our students learn the right articulation of the Arabic letters after they learn Tajweed course. It is the knowledge of the rules of recitation and then applying these rules while reading of the Qur’an. Every Muslim wants to read the verses in the same way Our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) recited. The tutors know the basics of rules and give information on Ikhfa, Ikhfa Meem Saakin, Ghunna, Qalqala, Idgham, Qalb, and Idgham Meem Saakin. The students understand these components in detail.

The efficiency of this Tajweed Quran online course depends on the knowledge of the tutors. Our Expert Holy Book Quran Teachers know the Articulation of letters so our students also understand it in detail. They teach each rule of reading in detail.

Contact us to learn recitation through this course. We offer this course in different packages. Check each package to choose the right one for you and let’s start today.

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